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I'm a freelance journalist, travel writer and guidebook author based between the UK (cold) and Sweden (colder).

I've worked for The Independent, The Washington Post, The Observer, BBC Radio 4, Which? and Rough Guides, among many others, and grabbed front-page headlines with my investigative research. I also built this website. You won't find any adverts, sponsored blog posts or phoney travel recommendations here; just some of my work, plus stories from out on the road.

December 24, 2013

A slice through Umeå

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Umeå, Sweden

For the first time since 1888, when a fire turned hundreds of houses to ash, Umeå is hot property. Sweden’s eleventh-biggest city, 400 miles north of Stockholm amid a sea of pine, is next year’s European Capital of Culture. Compared with the Latvian capital Riga, which shares the honour in 2014, Umea might seem an unusual choice. But with one of the world’s best design schools, a rocking music scene and a story that’s been shaped by the Russians and the Sami – the indigenous population of the Arctic – it’s every bit as captivating.

The celebrations don’t officially get going until the end of January, when the first of eight Sami seasons (deep winter) begins. But the cultural calendar is already packed, and if you go soon, you’ll miss the crowds.

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