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I'm a freelance journalist, travel writer and guidebook author based between the UK (cold) and Sweden (colder).

I've worked for The Independent, The Washington Post, The Observer, BBC Radio 4, Which? and Rough Guides, among many others, and grabbed front-page headlines with my investigative research. I also built this website. You won't find any adverts, sponsored blog posts or phoney travel recommendations here; just some of my work, plus stories from out on the road.

August 18, 2014

The relics making waves in Goa

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Old Goa travel article by Steve Vickers

You could call it a kind of pilgrimage: a journey through the misty coconut groves at sunrise, just as the holy cows start looking for pastures new.

Each morning, buses and auto-rickshaws heave tourists away from the sugar-soft beaches of India’s Goa state and inland toward Old Goa — the city that was once the seat of Portugal’s eastern empire and that’s still home to more than a dozen Catholic churches, chapels and convents. They’re so close to one another that you could see the lot in one day.

Many people do.

But the true pilgrims visiting Old Goa, in India’s tropical west, have only one church in their sights. And that’s why the Basílica do Bom Jesus, completed in 1605 and gnarled by the baking sun ever since, is often filled to bursting.

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