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Steve Vickers is a freelance travel writer, guidebook author and investigative journalist whose work has been published by The Independent, Rough Guides, The Washington Post, The Observer, Frommer’s, Which? Car and Which? Travel, among others.

Travel writer and freelance journalist in England and SwedenHe started his career in journalism writing about security cameras, but quickly moved into web editing and feature writing roles, including several at – one of the UK’s most respected consumer websites.

After two and a half years, Steve left to work on his first travel guidebook, the Rough Guide to Laos. Since then he’s contributed to various other titles, including the Rough Guide to Thailand, Europe on a Budget, Make the Most of Your Time on Earth and a brand new title, Budget Stays in Britain, which he co-authored.

Travel writing and freelance research have taken Steve to destinations around the globe. Based between Sweden and the UK, he’s an expert on Scandinavia and he travels frequently to Southeast Asia (particularly Thailand, Laos and Bali). Steve is also a highly experienced web editor, having worked on digital projects for some of the biggest names in travel.

Recently, his investigations into travel and transport issues have made national headlines, and he’s written copy for some of the world’s most exclusive hotels. When he’s not writing and travelling, Steve likes to read, surf and lament the fact that he never made it as a rock star. Well not yet, anyway.

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